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Enki’s designed a sterile lab; its air-conditioned is “the source from the biblical assertion that right after getting fashioned the Adam, Elohim ‘blew in his nostrils the breath of lifetime. Enki, Ninmah and Ningishzidda mapped chromosomes, genes and genomes. They fertilized ova in test tube flasks with sperm soaked in Nibiran blood serum and mineral nutrients.

Alexander arrived at Babylon in 331 BCE and rushed into the ziggurat temple to grasp the hands of Marduk as conquerors prior to him had. But Alexander saw Marduk’s body in saved in oil.

With the center on the front wall, the Gate of Viracocha created a four-foot opening. “Techniques then triggered a terrace concerning the first and 2nd walls from which a passage opened from a transverse wall at a right angle” and led to the next terrace.

“Inanna’s fury no boundaries understood; together with her weapons on Marduk’s followers Loss of life she inflicted. The blood of people, as in no way right before in the world, like rivers flowed.” Inanna and Marduk equally loosed lasers on each other’s Earthling armies.

When Inanna bought to Ereshkigal’s position, Erkeshkigal barred her entry. When Inanna forced her way in, Ereshkigal disarmed her and hung her on the stake to die. But “from clay of your Abzu Enki two emissaries fashioned, beings without blood, by Demise rays unharmed, to reduced Abzu he despatched them, Inanna to convey back.

Marduk menaced the Spaceport. He introduced “‘In my temple house Permit all of the gods assemble, my covenant acknowledge.’ By his appeal for his or her submission, the Anunnaki gods were disturbed and alarmed.

“On just how back again, carrying the peace concept, Banda fell Unwell; his spirit left him. His comrades lifted his neck, without the breath of daily life it had been.

Stonehenge options 30 upright stones, of which seventeen remain: “pairs of massive upright stone blocks, Every about thirteen toes significant, connected at the very best by a huge lintel stone to type free-standing Trilithons erected inside of a semicircle, surrounded in turn by a large circle of similar big stones linked at the best by lintels carved to variety a continual ring across the paired uprights. Within this large stone ring, smaller stones (bluestones) from 250 miles absent more than land and two miles down the Avon River from southwestern Wales, of which 29 remain there, variety the Bluestone Circle outdoors the Trilithons in addition to a bluestone semicircle.

“C– I then experienced my everyday living infiltrated with black-ops agents; read three that I know of. A type of 3 came into my daily life as a brand new girlfriend who a number of months in the relationship took a blood sample from me during an exceptionally private second, After i confronted her, she fessed [confessed] up & told me everything.

Then, at Enki’s put in Iraq—Eridu-Basara—Ningishzidda secretly designed Adamu and Ti-Amat breedable. “Enki, Ninmah and Ningishzidda were not happy till they came up which has a human few who may be a match for their particular minds and culture—who showed the identical mental, psychological, and inventive potentials and skills to understand and master scientific information and technologies that they on their own had.

In 167 BCE the Jews rose up at the rear of Mattathias and his five sons to battle and acquire their freedom from Seleucid authority. Mattathias’ son Judas Maccabeus re-focused the temple in a hundred sixty go to the website five BCE and the Jews rejoice this celebration to today as A significant Element of the Competition of Hanukkah.

The authority of Enlil and his constellation the Bull (4420 -2260 BCE) waned as climate far too modified considerably. “world weather worsened significantly. In India, the Kali Yuga established in motion; in Central America the Olmec calendar commences look here countdown.” Land strikes of meteorites in 3150 BCE involved just one in China. World-wide spikes in suphate and methane levels impacted worldwide climate. A neoglacial interval dropped the upper tree line while in the Alps by three hundred ft.

The tallest pyramid reported rises three hundred metres superior. Its sides measure 500 metres extensive –two moments more substantial than and 20 occasions the amount of The nice Pyramid at Giza.

Enki or other Anunnaki secretly aided other Earthling communities scattered about the Earth prepare to the flood with submersibles, substantial mountain refuges, underground shelters and a refuge on an island in Lake Titicaca atop the Andes.

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