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Under Marduk, there was while in the japanese Mediterrean, “a decline in the job of ladies as well as their standing as compared to Sumerian times.” Marduk hated Women of all ages. Ninmah experienced pushed for primacy of his rival, Ninurta, Inanna acquired him buried alive within the Pyramid.

“MEs give their depositories or even the persons in possession of them powers like the Charge of interplanetary travels and communications, scientific and technological knowledge and quasi-magical potency.

“The final little bit of our daily life essence to these creatures you may have given, to become like us in procreation realizing, perchance our [an incredible number of yrs]

Then he flew her to his place in Lebanon, fantastic, he claimed, for her seeds from Nibiru. They’d make “euphoric elixer” from fruit her seeds would improve.

When Inanna acquired to Ereshkigal’s position, Erkeshkigal barred her entry. When Inanna forced her way in, Ereshkigal disarmed her and hung her on the stake to die. But “from clay from the Abzu Enki two emissaries fashioned, beings without blood, by Demise rays unharmed, to reduce Abzu he sent them, Inanna to deliver back again.

The 3 major properties rose from terraces that elevated them and leaned them towards forty-foot higher outer western wall that ran five hundred toes and encompassed the advanced on 3 sides and remaining the internet site open to your river on the east side.

“All everyday living in the world, from birds to fishes, flora to algae, and all the way down to microbes and viruses–all have the very same DNA, the 4 nucleic acid letters from which all genes and genomes are created. The DNA with the Anunnaki was the same as the DNA of all life on Nibiru. The DNA on this planet and also the DNA on Nibiru were being the identical.” Our genome–less than 30,000 genes–holds 223 genes without evolutionary predecessors. These 223 genes, absent in vertebrae evolution, control the human body and brain. The theory of panspermia, that Earth was “seeded from moved here somewhere else,” was incised in clay tablets millennia in the past.

feel! He claims he experienced a meeting with members on the “Ruling Relatives” in the Anunnaki to debate a “adjust in Anunnaki Management”, and what the next stage are going to be for humankind as we go from the Age of Pisces in the Age of Aquarius.

Ampitheaters like Gobekli abound On this part of Anatolia. The builders designed them ovoid-shaped with stone and mortar benches that deal with two central monolith-pillars.

There inside a mountain valley where tributaries from the Maranon River sort a triangle, an area of three hundred,000 square feet was flattened and terraced for intricate buildings specifically laid out.

The collision depleted most of Kingu’s iron, “resulting in lessen in its density. The mass on the Moon’s Main “bears the mark with the ‘massive whack’ compressed the moon, just as the Sumerians related. Opposite to views the moon was constantly inert, it was present in the 1970s and eighties to have all characteristics of a Earth other than impartial orbit throughout the Solar: rugged mountains, plains and seas formed by water [or] molten lava.

The Anunnaki dictated their world view to Earthling scribes of Iraq (then called Sumer). The Anunnaki omitted allusions within their dictations to one other skyfaring and subterranean civilizations around on and under our Earth. Clay tablets the Anunnaki dictated declare that again on Nibiru, a king and his navy ruled. The gods dictated tales of how, 450,000 yrs ago, they received gold go right here from Earth And exactly how, till three hundred,000 a long time back, if they developed us for the mines, they transported the gold back to Nibiru.

Enki prepared for the waves. Just before they strike, he sent Ninagal with containers to Ziusudra. The containers held “DNA, sperm and ova, ‘the lifetime essence and lifetime eggs of residing creatures it includes, with the Lord Enki and Ninmah collected. From the wrath of Enlil for being concealed, to everyday living resurrected if Earth be prepared.’”

Undertakers introduced his body on the royal cemetery builders arms wolverhampton of Ur. They drugged his good friends and attendants in his burial chamber, then killed them.

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